We’ve Repainted The House

Well, we’ve repainted the house. After much debate and a vigorous testing process we decided on these colors:


Actually, I changed the off white to another color that’s very similar. It turns out the off white from the original had some green in it, which I didn’t feel went at all with the other colors, so I went to Home Depot and got a different shade of white to paint the trim. As of right now we’ve repainted all the walls and we’ll soon move on to the tedious task of painting the trim. Should be … “fun” …

Baxter looks like he has a big head & a little body in this picture, haha.

Almost Finished!

If you’ve talked to either of us, “almost finished” is the phrase we’ve been using for quite awhile now with the patio. It seems so close…yet so far from being completely finished.

To help understand the process we are (and aren’t making) I’ve taken a few pictures along the way and they are now posted in photos, under the “House” album. The big news from this weekend (so far) is that the stump has finally been removed! I have pictures of what it looks like now…and I know that Dan toke some pictures of what it used to look like, but I can’t find them. When he gets home I’ll have to find out where they are and post them as well so you have a frame of reference for how much different it is!

This past week I got a patio set from JC Penney – at 70% off!!! Can’t beat that deal! Everything else that I liked at other stores was bout $2,300, so when Dan saw this one for $200 he called immediately so I could go pick it up.

We really should get finished with the cap for the retaining wall this weekend. That’s just taking longer than we expected due to the fact that the blades go dull every three cuts.

And, of course, I’ve also been snapping photos of Baxter…so be sure to check out his album so you can see how big he has gotten!