Torturing Baxter, and a New Car

As you can see from these pictures, we tortured Baxter one night by having him balance pizza on his nose. In the second picture you can see it backfired on us and fell crust up on the floor … luckily Baxter cleaned it up no problem.

We purchased a new vehicle to take the place of the Chevy Cavalier. We were sure sick of driving that car, plus it might be nice to have a car that doesn’t have hail damage!

Anyways, it’s a used 2009 Pontiac Vibe with 13,900 miles. It’s pretty much like our Outlander except it sits lower to the ground and has high tech crap on it, like a tire pressure gauge that lights up the dash if you have a low tire, or the headlights that turn on through a sensor outside the car, which I found out works just fine when I drove through a tunnel yesterday, haha.

Down goes Frazier…

Well, it wasn’t quite as epic as Joe Frazier v. George Foreman, but I’ll set the scene anyways…

April 12th, 2008 – Oak Grove, Minnesota. Located North of the Twin Cities this small town played host to a small gathering meant to be a spring kickoff at the Oak Grove fire house. We received word earlier in the week that most of the displays, clubs and businesses cancelled because Spring apparently forgot to set his alarm this year. 29 Degrees, the snow was already on the ground and would continue to fall from the sky the rest of the morning. Wind chill was a balmy 18 degrees with 17mph winds out of the North.

What’s that you say? Perfect weather to throw a frisbee? Of course it was, and over 20 dogs and a dozen handlers showed up to prove it. First up was Round 1 of Distance and Accuracy. We can assume most of the competitors were a bit rusty since we were 5 dogs in before we even saw a catch. The wind was blowing fiercely and knocking all our flying discs out of the sky before our talented dogs could snatch them out of the air.

Round 1 for Baxter proved difficult as he felt it was of the utmost importance to find Rachelle among the spectators … DURING his 60 second round. He was able to make an impressive 2.5 point catch with all four feet off the ground during the round. We finished round 1 with 1 catch for 2.5 points. Because of the lack of catches for all competitors, Baxter sat in second place after Round 1.

Disc Dog Freestyle brought out the best in all the competitors as the wind mercilessly batted down disc after disc. Well practiced routines were swept aside as improvisation took over to combat the wind.

Baxter and I were able to complete 10 out of 18 throws and received scores of 5 for Presentation, 6 for Athleticism, 5.5 for Wow!Factor and 6 for Success. We were able to complete some flip catches, some medium distance throws and 4 or 5 vaults throughout the 60 second routine. After a successful round it was back to Round 2 of Distance and Accuracy.

Round 2 proved more stable than the previous round. Handlers started to gauge the wind better and adjust throws to allow for more catches overall. Baxter on the other hand felt it was imperative to investigate the playing field for scents … DURING his 60 second round of course. Baxter was able to make one catch for 2 points from 3 throws.

Stats were tallied, checked and double-checked and winners were announced. Baxter’s second round was .5 short of pulling into a third place finish in Distance and Accuracy. After Distance and Accuracy placings were announced the Freestyle winners were announced. Months of grueling practice in our dark, cold training facility (the basement) payed off as Baxter and I were announced the Novice Freestyle winners!

A fantastic day put on by the Twin Cities Disc Dog Club.

Blue Ribbon & Disc Bag for 1st Place

Baxter joins us in Minnesota

Lots of updates to make! Check out the photo gallery because we have added quite a few pictures. Here’s a quick rundown of what they are all about.

Some of the house pictures are from before we moved in and some of the work we were doing to it. I took lots of pictures of the lawn…or what there was of the lawn so that in a couple years when it is beautiful we can look back at how far we have come with it! We lived in the house for about three weeks before we owned a mower, and we closed on the house and started working on the inside about three weeks before we moved in…and it rained at least once a week for each one of those weeks we did not own a mower…so you can imagine how tall the grass was, and how the weeds were growing like crazy!

There are some pictures of Rachelle’s visit to Washington DC, not that you couldn’t figure it out from the pictures. We also have pictures of our last visit to Nebraska over Memorial Day, picts of Tom and Carmen’s wedding and, of course, of Trevor. Also during that visit we had a shower for Terry and Kari, and picked up Baxter!

Yep, we have a dog! We also have NUMEROUS pictures of him…probably close to 100 of them by now.

There’s also a short gallery of Jennifer, Cody and Trev’s visit over the 4th of July weekend. Jen and Cody got the short end of the stick when it came to pictures…it’s hard to move the camera off Trev when he’s making faces. The Hydrangea in the photos is one that Craig gave us from Mary’s funeral. We planted it right out in front of our house.

So hit the photo gallery and look around…we’ll try to add pictures more often now that the “office” is officially set up, and we are 90% unpacked!