Visiting Chris Eads

We went home over Thanksgiving and Jennifer gave me a large collection of pictures of Trevor. Check out the photo album to look at all of these pictures.

I went to visit Chris in Ann Arbor Michigan on December 3rd-6th. It was a fun time, and was especially nice to see Chris after 3 years. He has a new tattoo, there is a video and pictures on the photo album.

Cathedral of Saint Paul

My mom, Kevin, Jennifer and Trev came back on the weekend of July 31st. We visited the Cathedral of Saint Paul in St. Paul; so there are many pictures of the church. We also went to the Aquarium at the Mall of America. There’s also quite a few pictures of Trev. Rachelle and I went to a Twins game so there are a few pictures of that as well. Check out the photo album for the pictures and a couple of short movies of Trevor.

Adam & Kelly Miller’s Wedding

We went back to Nebraska from June 3rd – 7th. We went to Adam and Kelly Miller’s wedding on the 5th. There was also a trip to my cousin Michael Dale’s wedding that night also. On the 6th I became a godfather when Trevor got baptized. Pictures from the trip are on the photo album page.


It’s been quite awhile since any pictures have been posted. I’ve put up a lot of pictures of Trevor. For those of you who don’t know, Trevor is Jennifer and Cody Klinglehofer’s son, which makes him my nephew. Rachelle took a trip to Chicago for work. There are also apartment pictures and some other various pictures in the gallery. You can check out the pictures in the photo album. Not a whole lot is new around here in Minnesota, we’ve been getting a lot of rain up there this spring, which is always good. We’ve been getting out a bit since we’ve been told we better enjoy this weather before the snow comes toward the end of July, hehe.