Easter Weekend

Rachelle and I went back to Nebraska over Easter weekend. Rachelle spent the weekend at her mom and dad’s house. Baxter stayed up there, he really enjoys the farm and playing with Skippy all day long. I’m sure he likes annoying the livestock as well.

I went back to my mom’s place to put in the underground fence for JJ and the new puppy Mollie. I was able to cut a slice in the dirt and grass around most of the yard except for across the driveway and back in the pine trees. The dirt around the pine trees was still full of frost because of all the shade. So I was unable to finish the job I went back for, but I was able to help put in the 6′ tall wood fence in the back yard. We were able to get the fence up pretty quickly, although some of our panels didn’t fit without some cutting. It was a successful weekend for fencing I thought.

I was able to put in a lot of time with Trev, especially at the kids play equipment at the Big Apple. It was pretty tiring running around there with him all hunched over. I lost my breath a couple of times, but it was still a lot of fun to hit all the slides with him. It was really great to teach him how to climb up the netting “stairs” they have set up as well. By the end of the night he didn’t need me near him to climb up.

Latest News

Well you should be use to it now. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve put in the time to write anything up. You think I could at least get something up here once a month. Of course a lot has happened since my very old last post. We were almost stuck in Nebraska longer than we had planned over Christmas. The ice storm that came through was crazy, I wouldn’t be surprised if I never see anything like that again. Rachelle and I were able to get out of Greeley and give Jeremiah a ride to Lincoln. He had a flight back to Arizona the next day so it really did work out that we were able to get out on the roads.

Once we got back into Bloomington, MN things got off to a quick start for me. I had a job offer from Toro (The lawnmower/snowblower company) the day we got back. I originally accepted the offer, but decided to go on the interview I had scheduled for that morning. Apparently I was somewhat impressive since he gave me an offer within 24 hours of the interview. I can honestly say I am glad he gave me the offer because this new job is fantastic. I now work for First Scribe, doing web development and quite a bit of SEO (Search Engine Marketing). It’s a lot less design than what I’ve done in the past, but it’s still a fantastic job. I feel like I’m challenged every day I go into work, which makes the days fly by.

We got right around 2 feet of snow here about a week ago. I heard this morning that it broke the previous city record of 3” in 24 hours, which I find hard to believe. Knowing me, I probably had clogged ears and heard something wrong. Anyways, it was a lot of snow. I borrowed the next door neighbors roof rake so that I could get the large amount of snow off of the roof. I can honestly say that I had no idea there was such a thing as a roof rake, nor that I ever thought I’d be pulling snow off my roof.

Lastly, but maybe most important for our photo gallery endeavor, I’ve put up a new photo gallery layout which will make it easier for Rachelle and I to put up photos quickly. If you have any pictures you want to see up just send them to me and I’d be happy to put them into the gallery. So make sure you check out the new gallery!

Baxter joins us in Minnesota

Lots of updates to make! Check out the photo gallery because we have added quite a few pictures. Here’s a quick rundown of what they are all about.

Some of the house pictures are from before we moved in and some of the work we were doing to it. I took lots of pictures of the lawn…or what there was of the lawn so that in a couple years when it is beautiful we can look back at how far we have come with it! We lived in the house for about three weeks before we owned a mower, and we closed on the house and started working on the inside about three weeks before we moved in…and it rained at least once a week for each one of those weeks we did not own a mower…so you can imagine how tall the grass was, and how the weeds were growing like crazy!

There are some pictures of Rachelle’s visit to Washington DC, not that you couldn’t figure it out from the pictures. We also have pictures of our last visit to Nebraska over Memorial Day, picts of Tom and Carmen’s wedding and, of course, of Trevor. Also during that visit we had a shower for Terry and Kari, and picked up Baxter!

Yep, we have a dog! We also have NUMEROUS pictures of him…probably close to 100 of them by now.

There’s also a short gallery of Jennifer, Cody and Trev’s visit over the 4th of July weekend. Jen and Cody got the short end of the stick when it came to pictures…it’s hard to move the camera off Trev when he’s making faces. The Hydrangea in the photos is one that Craig gave us from Mary’s funeral. We planted it right out in front of our house.

So hit the photo gallery and look around…we’ll try to add pictures more often now that the “office” is officially set up, and we are 90% unpacked!

Christmas Party

We went to Rachelle’s company Christmas party. It was a cocktail, dinner, then gambling. They gave us $2,000 fake dollars and you could try to win as much as you could to try to bid in an auction for prizes including a telescope, Ipod, Hockey & Basketball tickets, Bon Jovi and so on. Anyways Rachelle and I ended the night at $11,000 so we thought we were sitting pretty good. Only one problem, some of the folks have numbers in the $40-$70k range. Needless to say, we only came out with free drinks, a meal and no prizes. It was still a great time and we both had a lot of fun.

We found out some bad news about Rachelle’s car today, the Torque Converter is stuck open, the guy told us we need to rebuild the transmission, but I’ll check with my sources (I’m connected, LOL) and see what our best decision is going to be. I guess we can partially rebuild, do a full rebuild, or just dump the thing and get a new (used) vehicle; Possibly a small pick-up.

I talked Rachelle into trying out black hair, check out the before and afters: Goth look Rachelle

Finally, Jennifer sent me a bunch of pictures with the human laugh machine known as Trev. She also sent some Thanksgiving pictures, along as her and Cody’s trip to see the next Super Bowl champs, the Denver Broncos. Check out the pictures in the Photo Album.