Down goes Frazier…

Well, it wasn’t quite as epic as Joe Frazier v. George Foreman, but I’ll set the scene anyways…

April 12th, 2008 – Oak Grove, Minnesota. Located North of the Twin Cities this small town played host to a small gathering meant to be a spring kickoff at the Oak Grove fire house. We received word earlier in the week that most of the displays, clubs and businesses cancelled because Spring apparently forgot to set his alarm this year. 29 Degrees, the snow was already on the ground and would continue to fall from the sky the rest of the morning. Wind chill was a balmy 18 degrees with 17mph winds out of the North.

What’s that you say? Perfect weather to throw a frisbee? Of course it was, and over 20 dogs and a dozen handlers showed up to prove it. First up was Round 1 of Distance and Accuracy. We can assume most of the competitors were a bit rusty since we were 5 dogs in before we even saw a catch. The wind was blowing fiercely and knocking all our flying discs out of the sky before our talented dogs could snatch them out of the air.

Round 1 for Baxter proved difficult as he felt it was of the utmost importance to find Rachelle among the spectators … DURING his 60 second round. He was able to make an impressive 2.5 point catch with all four feet off the ground during the round. We finished round 1 with 1 catch for 2.5 points. Because of the lack of catches for all competitors, Baxter sat in second place after Round 1.

Disc Dog Freestyle brought out the best in all the competitors as the wind mercilessly batted down disc after disc. Well practiced routines were swept aside as improvisation took over to combat the wind.

Baxter and I were able to complete 10 out of 18 throws and received scores of 5 for Presentation, 6 for Athleticism, 5.5 for Wow!Factor and 6 for Success. We were able to complete some flip catches, some medium distance throws and 4 or 5 vaults throughout the 60 second routine. After a successful round it was back to Round 2 of Distance and Accuracy.

Round 2 proved more stable than the previous round. Handlers started to gauge the wind better and adjust throws to allow for more catches overall. Baxter on the other hand felt it was imperative to investigate the playing field for scents … DURING his 60 second round of course. Baxter was able to make one catch for 2 points from 3 throws.

Stats were tallied, checked and double-checked and winners were announced. Baxter’s second round was .5 short of pulling into a third place finish in Distance and Accuracy. After Distance and Accuracy placings were announced the Freestyle winners were announced. Months of grueling practice in our dark, cold training facility (the basement) payed off as Baxter and I were announced the Novice Freestyle winners!

A fantastic day put on by the Twin Cities Disc Dog Club.

Blue Ribbon & Disc Bag for 1st Place

Finally, a new post

Apparently we’ve been really busy…at least that is what you would think since we haven’t posted anything in the last 5 months! Oops…

Nothing too crazy happened last fall – aside from our colossal failure at trying to grow grass in our back yard. Hopefully Spring will provide better results! We did put in a fence and gate on the side of our house, so now we can leave Baxter out back during the day instead of just in his kennel. As if he wasn’t spoiled enough already!

In November Dan started working on the mud room. That will be the best room in the house once it is complete! Our garage is really long (I think it is actually called an ‘oversized one-car garage’) so we took the front 4 feet of it and framed it out into a small room where we can put all of our shoes and coats instead of walking directly into the dining room w/ dirty, wet shoes.

We weren’t going to go home for Thanksgiving, but changed our minds at the last minute because Terry was at Mom & Dad’s and Dan found out he got the Friday after Thanksgiving off. Dan did some hunting with my Dad and Terry; and Baxter decided to join them too…pretty sure that is his last hunting trip. He didn’t really like the gun, especially when my cousing Luke started shooting at rabits! We also got to see our new nephew Tyson. He was born on Nov 7th, so he was just tiny at Thanksgiving.

We were also back in NE for Christmas. Jeremiah and his girlfriend were there, so it was great to see them and hear how life in LA is going. After a few days at the farm we headed down to Pleasanton to see Dan’s family and some friends. Then on to Grandpa Don’s house and back to Minnesota. All total we were gone for about 10 days…sounds like a long time but it’s never quite long enough!

Since the holidays, the only interesting thing that has happened (other than the continuing work on the mudroom) is Baxter’s frizbee competition! Last weekend Dan entered him in a competition in Plymouth, MN; it was great fun to watch, a little cold since it took place on a lake (yes, ON a lake), but still a lot of fun. And Baxter came in 4th! Which is really good for a dog in it’s very first competition. Now Dan has been bitten by the competitive bug and is talking about another competition in April, our chances at Districts…he’s even talking about Nationals in Indianapolis! I only got two pictures of the competition b/c the battery in my camera died, but you can check those pictures out in Baxter’s photo album in the photo gallery.

Sorry for the long post – and sorry for not posting more frequently. I’ll try to do better in the future!


Well, we have a few things to update on I guess. And no, this won’t be a movie review like Dan’s last post was.

For Labor Day weekend we headed back to Nebraska. We made it to Dan’s Mom’s house around 2:30AM on Friday morning. Friday was spent hanging out with Trevor, Jenni, Connie and Granpa Don. We went to a park in Kearney where the dogs went swimming (Baxter even tried really hard to kill the swans!) and Trevor and Dan played on the slides and jungle gym. The best part about going home – Dan gets to let his inner child play! 🙂

Saturday our friends Matt and Jessie got married – and the wedding started just a half hour before the first Nebraska game of the season. What timing, huh? Well, thankfully my cousin Laura had her phone handy and graciously texted me updates of the score which I passed on to the rest of the wedding party. Between the wedding and reception we headed to someone’s house (sorry…I forgot their names!) to watch more of the game.

The reception was pretty fun (and since the Huskers were winning so big, we didn’t care any longer that we were missing the game!). It was great to see all of our friends, and we had a great time dancing. And by “we” I mean “I” had a great time dancing and Dan had fun standing around talking to people.

On Sunday we headed to Mom & Dad’s, where of course Baxter was in heaven! He loves chasing the kitties, barking at the horse, and rolling in as many stinky things as he can find. Labor Day weekend is Alumni weekend in Greeley, so Dan and I attended the Alumni banquet. Good food – boring speeches. But fun to see people that I haven’t seen in so long! Hard to beleive that next year will be 10 years that I’ve been out of high school. I’m feeling old! 🙁

Monday we headed back to Minnesota – it was a pretty uneventful drive with Baxter sleeping for most of it!

This weekend my cousin Ryan and his wife came over for the NE vs Wake Forest football game. Ryan and Michaela just moved up here from Omaha about 3 months ago and they haven’t had much of an opportunity to meet people yet. It was great to see them, since I haven’t seen Ryan in about 2 years…and I can’t remember the last time I met his wife! Now we have someone to watch all the Husker games with…these Big 10 fans just don’t understand when I complain about Callahan or can’t get excited about a 3 point victory! It’s good to have more Husker fans around! 🙂

The Bourne Ultimatum

Rachelle and I actually did something besides work on the house this weekend. On friday night The Bourne Ultimatum came out, so we made our way to the theater at about 8:50 to get into the 9:50 show. The 9:50 show was sold out and we didn’t feel like waiting around till 10:50 for the next one so we decided to try again on Saturday.

We showed up about an hour early again, which was around 11:00am. We got the large pop/popcorn combination and waited around for the movie to start. Of course we were one of the first one’s there so we got the first pick of seats as well.

The movie started off with fantastic and never seemed to slow down to me. Right from the start there is a “chase” scene. I put chase in quotes because nobody is in a car, nor actually running away. It’s Bourne helping out another guy to evade some CIA operatives in the middle of a busy crowd. The whole scene had a very exciting feeling to it. The music really set the mood of the scene and I think they did a good job of that throughout the movie.

The third in the trilogy, this movie is in the same mold as the other two with showing Bourne as pretty much an ass-kicking ex-CIA assassin who is nearly always a step ahead of his pursuers. It’s always great to hear the phone calls with people who he’s watching from another location and they have no idea until he says something like “You looks tired, you should get some sleep.” Good stuff.

I didn’t think the movie ever really slowed down, you definitely learned a lot more about Jason Bourne than you have in either of the previous movies which was to be expected I guess. I heard today the 1st Bourne movie made $27mil opening, the second something like $50mil and this one with over $70mil. This is making some people think that the Jason Bourne character might turn into another version of Bond and make more than the trilogy. I think this would be a fantastic idea, I can say I’m a huge fan of the Jason Bourne character. All three of the movies have been great.

If you haven’t seen the first two movies, I recommend getting ahold of them and making time to watch them, then go see this movie. I don’t think it’s one of those movies that you have to see in the theater, it’ll be just as good on DVD i’d say.