4 Weeks

Four weeks and two days to be precise…that’s how old Mason is now. The past 4 weeks have gone by really fast, thanks in part to so many visitors! My parents have been here twice already – once when he was just over a week old and then again for Christmas (when they brought Jeremiah with them) – and Dan’s family just left today after a four day visit. In addition to them, I’ve also had several friends stop by to visit during my maternity leave, to help keep me in touch with reality and have a little adult interaction!

So far Mason is a very good baby. He has his fussy moments, but he’s not nearly as bad as he could be or as bad as I anticipated. He sleeps A LOT, but it’s mostly during the day. He seems to enjoy getting up every 2-3 hours at night, but has no problem sleeping for 3-4 hours during the day. I’ve tried to keep him up more during the day hoping that would translate into more sleep at night, but so far the two do not go hand-in-hand. I’ve also determined that when I eat lettuce, he gets gassy…guess he would prefer that I have ice cream and cookies, which I’m perfectly ok with! 🙂

Baxter doesn’t really seem to know what to think of Mason. He’s mostly curious about this new “squeaker”, and tends to forget that he’s here unless Mason is making some kind of noise.

I’ll try to post to the blog more frequently, but I can’t promise anything! Here’s to hoping the calm baby I have now is not suddenly replaced by a screaming, colic baby 🙂