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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Update

It's been a pretty busy summer so far, but we obviously have not been doing a very good job of updating the website. No one wants to read a novel written by me, so I'll try to be consise with the details!

In May we went back to Nebraska for Dan's stepsister, Autumn's high school graduation. Since we were headed to Colorado the weekend after the graduation, we decided to take a whole week off and spend time with family & friends. It was great to see everyone, but of course there is never enough time! You can see pictures from the graduation in the "photo gallery."

After a few days in Nebraska we headed to Colorado. Dan was asked to compete in a pairs frizbee dog competition, and once he decided to do it he couldn't pass up the opportunity to enter Baxter into the competition as well. While the event was really fun (and huge - it was a qualifing event for the National Competition), we discovered that after a week of running around on the farm and playing with Connie's dogs in Nebraska - Baxter is a little too tired to care about the Frizbee! But on the upside, Dan and his pairs-partner Melissa qualified for the National Competition with Melissa's dog Tag. That event is in September in Chatanooga, TN...they haven't decided yet if they are going to attend or not.

Our trip to Colorado was timed perfectly with the Twins schedule - they were in town playing the Rockies. So of course we had to head to Coors Field to take in the action. We bought tickets off the street and got to sit three rows behind the Twins dugout! It was amazing...and my new favorite player is Carlos Gomez...he's a cutie! :) Check out the photo gallery for all of the pictures we took at the game.

In June we made our way back to Nebraska to help celebrate Grandma Glaser's 80th birthday. Now most people would think an 80th birthday party would be boring...but those people have never met the Glaser's! It was a great time complete with a 4 hour game of softball, a barbeque, bonfire, canoe trip, and hours of laughter! Almost everyone in the family was able to make it - over 80 people! Of course I have pictures from that event as well in the Photo Gallery, so check them out!

In addition to our travels, we have also been doing stuff around the house. This weekend we worked on building the shed we bought...which has proved to be a little more challenging than we originally anticipated. We are also still trying to grow grass in the backyard - and while that is a never ending project, it's beginning to look much better!

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At July 23, 2008 5:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So... how many frizbees did Dan catch? You have a good dental plan right?




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