Christmas Party

We went to Rachelle’s company Christmas party. It was a cocktail, dinner, then gambling. They gave us $2,000 fake dollars and you could try to win as much as you could to try to bid in an auction for prizes including a telescope, Ipod, Hockey & Basketball tickets, Bon Jovi and so on. Anyways Rachelle and I ended the night at $11,000 so we thought we were sitting pretty good. Only one problem, some of the folks have numbers in the $40-$70k range. Needless to say, we only came out with free drinks, a meal and no prizes. It was still a great time and we both had a lot of fun.

We found out some bad news about Rachelle’s car today, the Torque Converter is stuck open, the guy told us we need to rebuild the transmission, but I’ll check with my sources (I’m connected, LOL) and see what our best decision is going to be. I guess we can partially rebuild, do a full rebuild, or just dump the thing and get a new (used) vehicle; Possibly a small pick-up.

I talked Rachelle into trying out black hair, check out the before and afters: Goth look Rachelle

Finally, Jennifer sent me a bunch of pictures with the human laugh machine known as Trev. She also sent some Thanksgiving pictures, along as her and Cody’s trip to see the next Super Bowl champs, the Denver Broncos. Check out the pictures in the Photo Album.