Well, this is my first adventure on our website. As you can see, Dan has been doing all the updating and telling about what’s been going on. But I decided to take it upon myself to get the photos updated and write an update on us. Visit the “Wedding Album” as I have scanned in all the photos that are going to be posted. There are about another 200 from the reception that aren’t going to see the world wide web 🙂 Also look at the “Photo Album”, I’ve taken a few more pictures of the apartment to try and give a better idea of what it looks like. There are also some family pictures we had taken, both of my family and of Dan’s.

Things are going really well for both of us job-wise. We both really like what we are doing, and that makes life a lot easier. We’ve only had a few visitors since our venture South. My older brother, Terry, and his girlfriend were here on Saint Patrick’s Day, my cousin from Wisconsin, Steve Sweeney was here in May, and mom, dad & Jeremiah came to visit the first weekend in June. Connie, Kevin & Jenni were here over Labor Day, and Todd Chandler, whom Dan went to high school with, is back from his trip over seas and came to visit us again just a couple weeks ago. Now, as you are aware, we are coming into fall and soon winter will be upon us…well, upon those of you in Nebraska. What better time to come and visit Texas than when it is 20 degrees at home, and a balmy 60 to 70 degrees here? 🙂

We aren’t exactly sure when we’ll be back…maybe Thanksgiving…but definitely sometime between Christmas and New Years. We are coming on the time of year that we will miss all of you the most, so anyone who would like to write, call, or come visit is definitely welcome!