Family Visit

Obviously it’s been awhile since my last update. I still have a bunch of wedding photos that I can scan in, but its such a long process I’m not going to promise anything. I quit the sign making job I had after I decided it wasn’t the career for me. I accepted a job at Fire Specialists, Inc. last Wednesday (8-27). It’s an office manager job and would have me managing about 10-20 sales professionals who would be selling our products, which includes, fire extinguishers, flame out, pepper spray and cold fire.

My Mom, Kevin and Jennifer visited us this labor day weekend. All the pictures that were taken are on my mom’s camera, so unfortunately I don’t have a photo album to go with this weekends visit. The big event on their trip down was a faulty alternator that they had to get replaced about 20 miles from the Texas border. Luckily they were only about 2 miles outside of a town. They arrived here around seven on Friday night. Nothing too exciting happened that evening, just took them to Bennigan’s, which is a sports bar type of atmosphere.